Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So I Can Feel

Do not give me love,
for love is hard to hold on to.
Give me a lover instead,
so I can revel in her touch
and taste her lemon skin.
Give me sweat
dripping from her curves
and the scent.
Give me the tangled limbs
and the screaming.
Give me the gentle—
the butterfly kisses
and the sighs—
so I can feel
like I have had a lover
after the spinning
and the rinsing of linen
in the morning,
when I am alone.


"So I Can Feel" was originally published in the July 2009 issue (No. 14) of Autumn Sky Poetry. What a great on-line poetry journal! It was edited and published with great care by Christine Klocek-Lim.

Here's a direct link to the poem:


ps - Read an interview with Christine Klocek-Lim, editor of Autumn Sky Poetry and also a fantastic poet, at Nic Sebastian's blog, Very Like a Whale.

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Seeking Shangri Raw said...

You have crafted together some beautiful pieces of I would love to have coffee with you and discuss!

Eric Blanchard said...

i drink coffee!

Seeking Shangri Raw said...

Next time you're in the treat!

Linda Elliott said...

Wonderful work, as always, Eric!! I so look forward to your postings!!