Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Rain Begins

It almost smells like autumn.
Your bags are packed
and stacked neatly by the bedroom door.

I know you don’t like chaos,
so I dress quietly in the dark

and leave for work early.
I make a mental note:
get a winter coat before coming home.

The rain begins,
as I catch the train to the city.


"The Rain Begins" was originally published in the Spring 2010 issue of Rust + Moth, a local Austin on-line literary journal.

This is my second contribution to the journal. My poem "Wild Empathy" was included in the Autumn 2009 issue.


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Anonymous said...

that's a good one.

Eric Blanchard said...

thanks, anonymous one.

Stephanie said...

I see someone has been writing again! I think it's wonderful! Keep it up, love! Your the best!

Love you always-

Linda said...

Wonderful Eric, I can feel it in my bones!!

Anonymous said...

nice work

Eric Blanchard said...

Thanks for reading, everyone!