Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sweet Tea

The Mexican hibiscus grows
wild and unruly and bright green
before it spurts flowers like blood.
The policeman thought it
was pot, because the leaves
look vicious and the neighbors
were smiling. He got tangled up
in the scent and confusion
He tried to cut it down,
but he could not repossess it.
It makes sweet tea just the same,
as though it were the weed it is—
wild and unruly and green,
with flowers like blood.


"Sweet Tea" was published by Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review in its Winter 2011 issue. While Borderlands is a print-only journal, copies of the Winter 2011 issue (#35) (as well as other issues) can be ordered directly from the journal. For more information, see Borderlands' order form.

In the fall of 2013, "Sweet Tea" was published again by The Poetry Storehousewhere previously published print poems go to find new life on the internet, along with an audio link of my poem being read by Nic Sebastian


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