Thursday, June 2, 2011

I give myself permission

Yesterday, I rode the rollercoaster
of my manic depression
at an amusement park
that was somewhat less than amusing.
I wanted to drink in the afternoon,
but I knew if I did, I could not run
with my dog in the evening,
as has become our custom.

Today, my knees hurt,
clear evidence of my age.
I give myself permission to open a beer before noon
(as if time matters).
And I sip it, knowing I will be
falling down before evening,
then Buster will drag me
through the park as I stumble.

Tomorrow, my brain will bleed.
I will be happy that the pain is only temporary,
until the next day when the carnival will beckon
and the tilt-a-whirl will suck my soul
into its blender, and I will puke
on my new shoes, and I
will lie on the ground
unable to crawl.


"I give myself permission" was awarded First Place for Adult Poetry and "Best in Show" in the 2011 Sinclair Community College Creative Writing Contest, which was open to the entire southwest Ohio community. The contest was administered and directed by Rebecca Morean.

In addition to a cash prize, as the "Best in Show" winner, I received a full scholarship to attend the Antioch Writers' Workshop held that summer in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Here is a link to me reading "I give myself permission" at the Wright Memorial Public Library on January 26, 2013.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Always enjoy your poems. Good to know it's mostly fiction. lol lbb

Eric Blanchard said...

Thank you.