Saturday, October 27, 2012

The night could be wrong

The dusk is telling us stories. They are
familiar in some ways, but it seems
the names have been changed to protect
the witnesses. And I thought the wind
was blowing slightly at the beginning
of the one about the boy and his dog.
The creeping darkness called it a mutt.
I clearly remember that the dog was
an Australian Shepard, and the boy
was younger.  He wasn't looking for trouble,
but the grizzly found him anyway. I don’t
know where that guy came from. That
is not how I remember it. The night
could be wrong about the purple hues.
It might not even be the same story,
if the dog hadn't save the boy's life.
At morning the dog died. Still, in my
mind, I remember a happily ever after.


"The night could be wrong" was awarded First Place in the Ohio Poetry Day 2012 poetry contest #14, “I hate you . . . let’s have a drink.” In addition to garnering a cash prize, it was published in the contest's compilation chapbook, Ohio Poetry Day: Best of 2012.



opwfredericks said...

Congratulations, Eric!

Eric Blanchard said...

Thanks, O.P.W.

from NaPoWriMo 2012. I sure miss the forums at