Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Meeting Ran Long

Let me begin again. The day was cooler than I thought, and the meeting ran long. Afterward, I sat alone in the room at the conference table to reflect on life. I pretended I was a wealthy nobleman and the half-empty coffee cups and saucers were my subjects. The two dented coke cans where Deborah sat were the only servants in the room. I gloated in my gluttony.

I could have waved my hand, dismissing both subjects and servants, but I wanted to make an example of someone. I ordered the coke cans to bring me a saucer, but neither can moved. I raised my voice again, pounding the table. The cans revolted. The cups and saucers rallied around them. I was outnumbered, the only man in the room. I cursed my misfortune.


"The Meeting Ran Long" is included in Issue 5 of the stylistically beautiful online journal Literary Orphans. This is my first prose poem to be accepted for publication. The editors at Literary Orphans subsequently nominated "The Meeting Ran Long" for Sundress Publications’ yearly "Best of the Net" anthology.

On March 12, 2014, "The Meeting Ran Long" was read by Tom Stafford on Conrad's CornerWYSO 91.3 FM as part of Conrad Balliet's local poets project.

In early 2016, multi-media artist, Marie Craven, created this video using the images of Mono No Aware, experimental music by C.P. McDill, and the text of "The Meeting Ran Long."


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