Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And God . . . , Peter Pan Must Die

And God . . .

rolling around the universe
like a pinball, bumps
off bumpers, rings
the bells, flashes
the light bulbs, spins
out of control, falls
through the hole
past flippers.

And the man
pounds his fists
and kicks at the stars,
at the mystery.

The whole thing
goes tilt.

Game over.

Peter Pan Must Die

They are toys-r-us kids lost
on an island called Neverland—
lost in Afghanistan—with
pop guns and little plastic
swords and bombs. Lost boys,
lost army men, lost children,
fighting pirates off shore.
Lost war, lost in Iraq—
the never ending fantasy.
Lost fairytale. Where's the
magic carpet? Where's the
pixie dust? Tinker Bell was wounded
by snipers during an unmanned
drone fly-by. The croc is on time.
Tic toc, tic toc.

Peter Pan must die. Let
the pied piper of youth be remembered well.
But before we have peace, the poppies
must lie flat. More widows must cry.
More mothers and brothers, more
girlfriends and fiancées and lovers
must cry. Peter Pan must finally become
Peter the man. R. I. P.


"And God . . ." and "Peter Pan Must Die" were published in the Summer 2011 issue of Pudding Magazine.  Pudding is a hard-copy press. To get a copy of the Summer 2011 issue or subscribe to the magazine, please go here.

In the fall of 2013, "And God . . ." was published again by The Poetry Storehouse, where previously published print poems go to find new life on the internet

Also, here is a YouTube link to a video of me reading "Peter Pan Must Die" at the Wright Memorial Public Library on January 26, 2013.



opwfredericks said...

Congratulations, Eric!


Diedre said...

Very nice!

Eric Blanchard said...

Thank you, O.P.W.

And you too, Diedre baby.

jigsaw words said...

wow. loved both of them. Peter Pan Must Die made me cry. will be reading these again and again.

Eric Blanchard said...

Thanks bunches, jigsaw words!

I'm so glad you enjoy them.