Sunday, June 5, 2016

Garden Economics

            The beautiful landscape as we know it
            belongs to those who are like it.
                        —Muso Soseki

Capitalism is such a beautiful weed.
It grows most striking without constraint
and prospers for a while
                        in fertile soil,
until it chokes
on its own coiled roots and
                        unrestrained vines—

laissez faire foliage.

A mindful gardener prunes flora,
            held so fair,
with care,
            with incisiveness,
lest he be compelled to axe and spade.

But don’t go all Edward Scissorhands on it,
            snip, snip,       
            manipulate,     cultivate.

For capitalism is a beautiful weed,
a living, growing thing,
                        not a delicate thing.

Trim, tend, and cultivate, or

axe, spade.


"Garden Economics" was included in Issue 13 (Spring 2016) of local Dayton journal Mock Turtle Zine. 

Past issues of Mock Turtle can be viewed online.