Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lost Pepper, Roots of Evil

Lost Pepper

While clawing at the ground,
I think I uncovered history. As others

were digging up bones,
I discovered a miniature bottle

of Tabasco sauce
and a rusty blade.

My brother, the expert, says it’s a piece of crap,
but it cuts. The tiny bottle

makes his mouth water.
He covets the burn—lost pepper, vinegar,

salt in a wound—
sustained in sediment.

I wonder how long it has aged,
savor the burn.


Roots of Evil

Picking out parsnips and turnips,
I decide to surprise you with extra beets.
I know how their sweet blood pleases you.

When it drips from your lips,
I realize how ironic it is for a vampire
to be vegan.

You wipe the juice away,
and I pretend I do not notice.

You suffered through two root
canals so your hallowed fangs would
not show.

This is how you erase your past.

            But if I
discover a coffin in the cellar,
or find you sleeping while
hanging upside down from the ceiling,

I will regret not buying
cloves of garlic or
rainbow carrots instead.


"Lost Pepper" and "Roots of Evilwere published in Issue 12 (Fall 2015) of local Dayton journal Mock Turtle Zine. 

Past issues of Mock Turtle can be viewed online.