Friday, March 3, 2017

From the Far Hills

Ars Poetica

I should be making pesto,
because you will be home soon,
and you will want to get started.

I have been alone
in the house (for a change),
and all I have done

is wash the morning dishes,
sweep the floor,
and do laundry.

I took all three dogs for a walk,
one at a time,
because . . .

(well . . . you know),

and I managed to shower and shave.
I changed the sheets on the bed.
Now, I am writing a poem.


Poem in My Pocket

The poem in my pocket is a little gray mouse.
I found it early this morning, wandering
casually around the house.

It jumped into my pocket sans warning
and whispered in my ear,
Take me with you.

I did not know it was “poem-in-your-pocket”
or “take-your-mouse-to-work” day.

Of course, it may have just looked like a mouse.
It could have been a miniature
miniature Chihuahua
named Brutus, or Cesar Romero,
or Spot.

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!
But it does not heed my Shakespearean plea—
the mousy Chihuahua stays.


"Ars Poetica" and "Poem in My Pocket" are published in Poems From the Far Hills, the second chapbook of work by the Wright Library Poets, compiled and edited by Elizabeth C. Schmidt, made possible by the Wright Memorial Public Library in Oakwood, Ohio.