Friday, March 22, 2013

It is Spring

The day ends with rain falling on daffodils.
It is spring and has been for weeks. The flowers
are no longer thirsty. The sky
has cried on them and spat on them.
They have been drenched for days,
but the colors are bright and the petals
are large, threatening to bend stems over
and lie them gently on tall grass.

The day ends with rain falling. It has
been falling for days. The colors
are rainbowesque, only
without the crystal spectrum
of light from the hot sun.
A drenching like Noah’s flood,
almost half of the forty days down
and counting.

The day ends with daffodils drowning
two by two. The color of blood
and the color of the lost sun swirl
around a drain. And the ancient oarsmen
call desperately. The day ends
with rain and saturated flowers,
and colors blending into darkness,
and colors fading to black.


"It is Spring" was read on March 21, 2013 and again on June 5, 2013, by Conrad Balliet on his radio segment, Conrad's Corner, as part of his local Dayton poets project on WYSO 91.3 FM.


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