Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two More in Mock Turtle

Not Quite Emo

Death wears a camo jacket
and combat boots,
not much else. Her hair
is pitch over pale
eyes sharply lined and shining,
pout painted red.

She casts a grim gothic
shadow, reaping
prolonged glances,

            And when
she cuts,
it’s not herself
the scythe slashes.

Death does not bleed.


Educational Services, East Campus, Room 6

A shark with a broken tail
hangs from the ceiling
next to the crab with only one claw.

The students are also broken—
some have twisted bodies
and shuffle sideways

through life's narrow hallways;
others are like the shark
that will bite but cannot swim.

Teachers are torn
like chum in the open sea,
so children can feed.

Some are food for others,
bones discarded, unwanted.
Few survive unscarred.


"Not Quite Emo" and "Educational Services, East Campus, Room 6" are included in Issue 9 (Spring 2014) of Mock Turtle Zine. These constitute my fifth contribution to this local Dayton journal.

My poem "The Little Nun that Could" is in Issue 8 (Fall 2013) and "All of a Sudden, but Not" was published in the Spring 2013 issue (#7).  In addition, "Beware of Poet" and "An Ubi Sunt for the Bees" appeared in the Fall 2012 issue (#6) of Mock TurtleIn addition, "An Ubi Sunt . . ." was originally included in issue #5.

Issues of Mock Turtle (including issues #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9) can be viewed online.


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